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Scientific collaborations

Unibo research activities and initiatives with Brazilian Universities and other istitutions.

Cultures, immaterial heritage and interdisciplinary networks

Brasilian Literature and Sociolinguistics
Portuguese Linguistics, Portuguese and Brazilian Literatures.
Conservation and cultural heritage
Antonio José Landi (Bologna, October 30, 1713 - Belem June 22, 1791) was an Italian architect with remarkable performance in the Amazon.
Cultural semiotics
Semiotic aspects of cultural heritage,both material and immaterial, urban space, memory.
GIS and urban design
The state-of-the-art of GIS technologies in planning and management processes of urban and architectural spaces.
Global Health and Primary Health Care
The Centre for Research and Study in International and Intercultural Health is a laboratory for the integration of disciplines.
Memory tourism
Cultural and memory tourism connected to the heritage of the slave trade.
Qualitative research methods for Social Justice Education
The Grounded Theory is an inductive, systematic and comparative approach for conducting research aiming at constructing theories, that can be profitably used to explore social justice issues and to promote equity
Social and Community Psychology
Models of psychosocial rehabilitation for users of psychiatric services.
Social History
Aspects of society and mentality in the Middle Age. Fashion and luxury in a historical perpective.
Sport mega-events in Brazil
Global sport events' positive and negative effects on population health are investigated.
Theatre and Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Paulo Freire's and Augusto Boal's legacies to address pedagogical and aesthetical projects.

Economy, development quality, safety and social cohesion

Food Quality Assurance Systems (FQAS)
The Brazilian scheme “PIBrasil” versus European scheme.
Focus on the Italian horticulture production and commercialization system and on the integration of Italian and Brazilian products in the global market.
Rural Society
Rural Society, cultures and traditions. Socio-economic impact of trades and bio-energetic productions.
Vale do Café
Geographical Indications (GIs) plays an important role in economic growth and development in the rural area.
Viticulture and Fruit growing
Unibo expertise in fruit growing in Sub-Tropical conditions.

Technology and contexts of sustainable growth

Based on polyesters from renewable monomers and lignocellulosic fibers from Brasil.
CODE3 Center for international COoperation and Development on Engineering, Environment and Emergency.
Fluid mechanics, porous media and nanofluids
Numerical solutions for internal flows and stability problems in fluids, in nanofluids and in saturated porous media.
Fractional calculus
Mathematical physics applications is the common framework of research among Italian and Brazilian research groups
Geometric group theory and geometric analysis.
Mathematical models for radiation transport
Mechanics of innovative materials
Testing and simulation of innovative materials in the aeronautic and petroleum fields.

Improving health and environment

Human senescence
Comparative study of healthy aging in Italy and Brazil.
Plant biochemistry
The biotechnological potential of peptides derived from plant urease.
Phase transitions
Phase transitions for structured materials: from mesoscopic to macroscopic scale behavior, theory and modelling.