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Indigenous groups in the São Paulo metropolitan area

Indigeneity, urbanity and cultural reflexivity.

Start date 2013 - End date 2015
Duration 36 months
Project Funding 60.166,00 Reales 
Mcti/Cnpq N º 14/2012 Projects

This project aims to develop a broad reflection on the theme of Brazilian indigenous groups in Sao Paulo urban area.

Unibo Participant: Dr.Sofia Venturoli - Researcher at Department of Political and Social Sciences

The objective of the project is to analyse the transit of some indigenous groups between rural villages and urban areas, their different experiences of schooling, their ethnic networks, their strategies for cultural reproduction, transformation and innovation.

We will articulate a number of sources: relevant literature and ethnological cases, public data (censuses and public policies), available public information, and we will develop ethnographic field works with specifics indigenous groups (Pankararu and Pankararé).

The research will outline the dynamics of construction and implementation of indigenous practices of citizenship, considering citizenship as an identity question. Through an anthropological and historical approach, the research will conceptualize and critically analyse the concept of urban indigeneity in Brazil, recognizing it as a political and relational issue, which articulates subjectivity, practices and knowledge that involve societies in their wholeness, and that calls into question concepts such as ethnicities, migration, education (in all facets), cultural changes, sovereignty and rights.

Taking as a focus the migratory flow between rural communities (in the Northwest region of Brazil) and urban areas (in the São Paulo region), the project will investigate the recent phenomenon of multiplication of indigenous groups in the 2010 Brazilian census and their new agency in the metropolitan context, as well the implications for the communities of origin, in terms of flows and identity transformations, ceremonial and cosmological repossession.

Project coordinator: José Maurício Arruti professor at University of Campinas (UNICAMP) Department of Anthropology / CPEI – Centre for Ethnological Indigenous Researches

Other participants
Alessandra Traldi - Master student in Demography - UNICAMP
Barbara Estandislau - Master student in Demography – UNICAMP

Recent exchange visit & events
2013, Jusè Mauricio Arruti's lectures at Unibo (see section Document in the page)
2012, Sofia Venturoli's lecture at CPEI, Centro de Pesquisa em Etnologia Indígenas, Universidade de Campinas (UNICAMP).
2012, Sofia Venturoli's lecture at Museo Nacional de Antropologia della Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).
2012, Sofia Venturoli's lecture at CESTA, Centro de Estudos Ameríndios, Universidade de São Paulo (USP).