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Brasil IRT scientists are involved in research projects at international level.

Cultures, immaterial heritage and interdisciplinary networks

Academic Links and Strategies for the Internationalisation of the Higher Education Sector
Bilateral cooperation and political dialogue in Science, Technology and Innovation among the European Commission, EU Member States, Associated Countries and Brazil
Shared Semantics for a Conceptual Euro-Brazilian Lexicon.
Indigenous groups in the São Paulo metropolitan area
Indigeneity, urbanity and cultural reflexivity.
Smart cities, socio-cultural capital and cultural heritage
The potential of the Smart City by comparing existing experiences under development in Brazil and Italy. FARB & FIBRA cofunded project 2013.
Teletandem and Transculturality
Teletandem and Transculturality. An online, autonomous and collaborative context for learning foreign languages.
Violence Writings
Projeto tematico Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo, promoted by a network of University of the State: USP and UNICAMP.

Economy, development quality, safety and social cohesion

Taxation Neutrality
Taxation neutrality for businesses and economic integration in regional markets. FARB & FIBRA cofunded project 2013.
Development of sustainable management strategies for vineyard ecosystems.

Improving health and environment

Architectural photogrammetry
Digital documentation of listed religious buildings and urban historical heritage.
Estatuto da Cidade
A methodology for land regularization in urban areas of social interest through GIS support.
Identification of animal models for papillomavirus cancerogenesis. FARB & FIBRA cofunded project 2013.
MULTItargeted cardanoL derivAtives Towards AlzhEimeR’s and neglected tropicAL diseases
Systems Biology of Aging and Age related diseases by integration of Multiscale Experimental and Computational Methods.
System Biology of Aging
Systems biology of ageing and age related disease combining multiple "omics" data and a socio-ethnical perspective. FARB & FIBRA cofunded project 2013

Technology and contexts of sustainable growth

Composite material in the freight railway transport.
Use of agriCultural wAstes For powEr generation (CAFE). FARB & FIBRA cofunded project 2013.
Applications include the dispersion of liquid pollulants in the soil and the thermal treatment of liquids for the food industry. FARB & FIBRA cofunded project 2013.