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The Italian-Brazilian Cultural Foundation (FIBRA in Italian) has as its objectives the promotion of studies and research on Brazil and the spread of the Brazilian culture in its various forms of expression.

The institutional headquarter is located at Alma Mater Studiorum - the University of Bologna. The operational headquarter at Palace Pamphili (Piazza Navona, Rome), site of the Brazilian Embassy in Italy.
The President of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the President of the Italian Republic will be invited to be the honorary presidents of the Italian-Brazilian Cultural Foundation. The Foundation has as its president, alternatively, the Brazilian Ambassador in Italy and the Provost of the University of Bologna. Other than the University and the Brazilian Embassy of Italy as founders, FIBRA is formed of public and private institutions that contribute in a significant and regular manner to the reaching of its goals.

The Foundation is directed by an Administration Council composed of representatives of both institutions. FIBRA counselors are part of the scholarly culture, as well as those of art world, be it Brazilian or Italian.

FIBRA will promote the creation and the development of the Center for Brazilian Studies at the University of Bologna, which will have as its priorities:

  • to gather over one hundred researchers from the Alma Mater Studiorum dedicated to Brazil in many fields of study;
  • to favor the cooperation between the University of Bologna and Brazilian universities, as well as other Italian academic institutes;
  • to coordinate a virtual network of scholars from Brazil in Europe, aimed to the streghten the academic mobility and the cooperative studies and research on the Brazilian reality.

FIBRA foresees activity in the following fields of Brazilian culture: literature, debates on Brazil, visual arts and design, cinema, music, theater, and dance.

For 2016 FIBRA supports with two complete grants (travel, accommodation and fee) the participation of two Brazilian graduate students to the Summer School on Global Studies and Critical Theory - Global Humanities and the Global South History, Politics, and Critical Theory

The Summer School will include a special session on Brazil in cooperation with the Catedra CAPES on "Redefining Emergent Shapes: Brazil as a Case Study for Global South"

For further information about membership or support for FIBRA, please contact:;