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Brazilian Ministry of Culture and Conexão Cultura Brasil

Opportunities for collaboration with Brazilian institutions in the cultural and creative economy.

The University of Bologna on March 25th 2014 signed a letter of Intent with the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, with the aim of:

  • stimulating mobility of Brazilian and Italian researchers, professors, and students
  • fostering technical and scientific exchange activities that contribute to the development of the creative economy and the enhancement of youth entrepreneurship
  • providing scholarships and grants for research projects aimed at the development of the creative economy in Brazil and in Italy
  • promoting the joint participation to research programmes and reciprocal technical visits.

Within these common intents, the University of Bologna, in close cooperation with the Municipality of Bologna, is interested in participating to the programme "Conexão Brasil" and specifically to the Call "Conexão Cultura Brasil Intercâmbios" (launched on July 31st 2014), with the following collaboration opportunities: