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IRT Brasil is collaborating with Brazilian institutions.

The Italian-Brazilian Cultural Foundation (FIBRA in Italian) has as its objectives the promotion of studies and research on Brazil and the spread of the Brazilian culture in its various forms of expression.
Brazilian Ministry of Culture and Conexão Cultura Brasil
Opportunities for collaboration with Brazilian institutions in the cultural and creative economy.
Brazil Embassy in Rome
Unibo & Brazil Embassy partnership for the Fibra Fundation.
Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior
Unibo & Capes partnership for the Ciências Sem Fronteiras initiative.
Brazilian National Council of Technological and Scientific Development
Unibo & CNPq partnership for the Ciências Sem Fronteiras initiative.
Governo do estado Pernambuco
Memorandum of Understanding between University of Bologna and Governo do Estado de Pernambuco.
Secretaria Municipal de Saúde e Defesa Civil, Rio de Janeiro
Agreement between the Municipal Secretariat of Health and Civic Defence and the University of Bologna.
The Institute for Studies Brazil Europe
University of Bologna is interested in contributing in the areas of Health, Science & Technology, Humanities, Public Policies, Biology & Biotechnology.
Brazilian partner universities
Several cooperation agreements are active between the University of Bologna and Brazilian universities.