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About us

IRT Brasil connects a large number of researchers of the University of Bologna who are active in scientific projects with and about Brazil.

IRT Brasil offers:

  • an interdisciplinary platform to connect with the Brazilian research areas
  • a coordinated system of competences, contacts and networks linking with Brazil, so that external stakeholders can better understand cooperation opportunities
  • a national and international point of reference for research, scientific mobility, advanced education and knowledge transfer in relation with Brazil.


  • to promote an interdisciplinary approach and coordinate a consistent critical mass of researchers, cooperating with Brazilian partners and working on themes linked with Brazilian culture and knowledge production;
  • to become a recognized stakeholder, qualified for the dimension and quality of knowledge and research on Brazil and with Brazilian, European and Italian partners;
  • to promote scientific, institutional and economic dialogue with Brazilian, Italian and European partners, by developing and improving multi and trans-disciplinary research initiatives;
  • to enhance the quality of scientific, cultural and economic dialogue between Brazil and Italy, Brazil and Europe;
  • to contribute at different levels to the diffusion of knowledge on Brazil in Italy, so to promote shared cultural policies.


  • to create and give value to a 'quality label' for research and initiatives in Brazilian studies, which is easy to recognize within and ouside the research community;
  • to give a substantial contribution to the development of national and international scientific and thematic networks on Brazil, through innovative initiatives, involving the best Brazilian partners;
  • to contribute to the design, construction and implementation of research and innovation programmes (through public or private funds) with Brazilian partners or on Brazilian themes;
  • to link to similar platforms and research centres in European and non-European Universities, as, for example, those in King’s College London, Universidad de Salamanca, Paris Ouest Nanterre, among many others.